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Unveiling healing spaces for kids


Unveiling healing spaces for kids

Waiting in the hospital is no longer boring!

Client: Harkishandas Hospital, Mumbai

Industry: Healthcare

Objective: To create an entertaining space to engage children using interactive technology

Product: MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor


A trip to the hospital is no fun, more so if you happen to be a kid. Normally seen as bleak, sterile spaces, hospitals are the last place where you would find kids enjoying themselves to the fullest instead of crying, panicking or sticking to parents like glue. A great example of how technology can be put to great use to distract children is at the Harkishandas Hospital in Mumbai. In order to keep the children in the pediatric ward busy and to keep their mind off ailments, the hospital management decided to employ a large MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor loaded with a number of interactive games in the waiting area. These games were highly engaging by nature and effectively helped distract the kids from their hospital related fears. With single and multi-player options, this floor allowed to keep a number of kids busy, happy and laughing at the same time and helped reduce anxiety. This creative initiative by the hospital is indeed a reminder that sometimes laughter is the best medicine!

Impact: : The use of Interactive Technology not only enabled the hospital and parents to keep kids engaged without additional effort but also made the environment stress free for kids.