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Ibaco Interactive Wall Engages Mall Visitors and Facebook Crowd

Ibaco Interactive Wall Engages Mall Visitors and Facebook Crowd

Ibaco Interactive Wall Engages Mall Visitors and Facebook Crowd

Ibaco educated the audience about the various flavours of Ibaco ice cream sundaes.

Client: Ibaco

Industry : Food & Beverage

Objective: To educate the audience about the various possibilities of Ibaco ice cream sundaes in a fun, interactive and engaging manner and enhance branding through offline and online interactions.

Product: MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall and Multi-Touch MagixKiosk™

Brief: Ibaco can be touted as the ice cream lovers’ paradise. They wanted to host an event where they could inform and educate their audience about their delectable range of ice cream flavors and enviable range of toppings and sauces while also increasing brand awareness. Ibaco took this ice cream party to its promotional event at Mantri Mall, Bangalore where they hosted a number of engaging games for the visitors with the help of the MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall and Multi-Touch Magix Kiosk. All participants had to collect different ice cream toppings that were being dropped via the Interactive Wall placed on the stage. This wall ensured that Ibaco received high visibility and generated quite a buzz amongst the mall goers. To participate visitors had to log in to their Facebook account from the MagixKiosk establishing an offline-online connect. The campaign got visibility not only through the event at the Mall but also hundreds of people on Facebook viewed the activity through the updates posted by participants. People jumped, dived and ran all over the stage to catch all the toppings and sauces that were being ‘dropped’.  A great way to educate the visitors about the numerous of ice cream flavors, toppings and sauces and also multiply the brands visibility by crossing the limitations posed by physical boundaries.

Impact: The audience got informed about all ice creams and toppings that Ibaco had to offer not just on location but also in the virtual world.