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Any Surface can Become an Interactive Surface


Any Surface can Become an Interactive Surface

We convereted a regular table to an interactive on for a leading Real Estate Developer.

Client: DSK Real Estate Developers

Industry: Real Estate

Objective: To introduce interactivity into the presentations delivered within the normal office set-up

Product: Multi-touch Film

Brief: Real Estate developers are always looking for ways to differentiate themselves in the way they present project information to their customers and Interactivity has played a role in these efforts for some time now. While specially designed Interactive content that allows the developer to show off project and floor plans, features and other specifications in an attractive manner has tremendous impact it does suffer slightly from the disadvantage of requiring special kiosks or similar hardware – not any longer. A leading developer wanted to extend the Interactive appeal to the workspaces of the staff so that their interactions with prospective customers could also be enriched. This challenge was addressed by retrofitting the existing tables with Interactive surfaces. An attractive glassy surface set flush with the table had the software required to bring the visually impressive interactive content to life right at the work space. This allowed them to support their discussions with prospective customers with highly impactful visuals.

Impact: The availability of interactive content at the disposal of the staff without having to take recourse to special hardware greatly enhanced the quality of each discussion