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And the writing on the wall,’Happily Ever After’!


And the writing on the wall,’Happily Ever After’!

Making 25th wedding anniversary memorable by showing guests best-wishes SMSes on the big screen.

Client: Wedding party,Dubai

Industry: Event and Media

Objective: Making 25th wedding anniversary memorable.

Product: MagixFone


It was their 25th wedding anniversary and for their silver Jubilee, the hosts wanted something that makes the business of sending best wishes as elegant as it can be!
TouchMagix MagixFone was the perfect solution for this event. The seamlessness of MagixFone, which doesn’t ask you to anything more than just send a message through your phone the usual way made it a joy to interact with. The easy setup of MagixFone installation easy. The guests could send Anniversary wishes as phone texts to the couple and they were projected live on a big screen using a projector.
The UI for the message wall was specially designed for the occasion and reflected the theme and décor of the event.
Guests and couple both loved the concept and event was hugely successful. More than 200 people attended the party and an even larger number of messages were shown on the wall.

Impact: The event became more alive when guests could see their best-wishes SMSes on the big screen

Election coverage gets the interactive edge

news nation

Election coverage gets the interactive edge

A leading news channel used our highly interactive elements and products and it enhanced the election coverage experience for the audience.

Client: News Nation

Industry: Media and Entertainment

Objective: To provide an interactive edge to election coverage

Product: Magix Screen, Multi-Touch Overlay, Multi-touch Hardware


The polls this year have been drumming up great interest for one and all these last few months. As the election season began, most media houses and news channels focused all their energies to look up mediums where they could differentiate in ways of showcasing their electoral coverage. News Nation rose to this challenge and opted to look at TouchMagix technology to leverage the best in class multi-touch experience for their studios for live election analysis. News Nation made use of the TouchMagix Multi-touch overlay to give the audience a unique experience in viewing electoral news. The TouchMagix Multi-touch Overlay was retrofitted over a 180 inch Barco video wall, giving it a yet more classy and edgy appeal. News Nation also installed Multi-touch overlay on their 75” Samsung video wall. These surfaces had the software required to bring out the visually appealing interactive content right on to the TV screen! Instead of installing separate kiosks and booths, a huge interactive surface was created right where a television stood. Visitors could touch and expand relevant election news which was supported by high impact visuals and move or close news that did not generate their interest. The visitors and employees made full use of the display and found it an extremely engaging medium to view electoral information of their choice.

Impact: The highly interactive elements of the displayed content greatly enhanced the election coverage experience for the audience.

Ogilvy Team Having a Good Time Using the Magix of Interactive Technologies

Ogilvy Team Having a Good Time Using the Magix of Interactive Technologies

Ogilvy Team Having a Good Time Using the Magix of Interactive Technologies

A highly creative approach to get audience members to interact with each other using innovative technology.

Client: Google / Ogilvy

Industry: Media

Objective: Draw the members of the audience into an interaction using innovative technology

Product: MagixFone and MagixKiosk

Brief: Google hosted an event at the Ogilvy & Mather office & used a unique combination of interactive technologies to draw members of the audience into a fun-filled interaction with each other. People were invited to “Gift a Beer” to their friends by sending an SMS to the MagixFone system through their own phones that would be publicly displayed. The intended recipients could get a coupon code if they sent an acknowledgement over SMS that would be similarly displayed & the coupon could be redeemed for a free beer. A beer for an SMS – a good bargain all around !

Impact: The highly creative approach to getting the audience members to interact with each other was in keeping with the profile of the audience.


Media Buyers and Brand Advocates Learn About Interactive Media

Media Buyers and Brand Advocates Learn About Interactive Media

Media Buyers and Brand Advocates Learn About Interactive Media

Media buyers & Brand advocates were impressed by these build marketing & promotions plans.

Client: iMedia Brand Summit – Grand Hyatt Goa

Industry: Exhibition, Event, Media

Objective: Expose consumers of advanced media technologies to the many capabilities of the Interactive media

Product: MotionMagix Interactive Floor, MotionMagix Interactive Wall

Brief: The iMedia Brand Summit is among the most prestigious market-focused worldwide events for brands, marketers & agencies alike.  The second edition of the event in India was held in the Grand Hyatta Goa for a select, invitees only collection of dignitaries. Media buyers & brand advocates from across the country learnt more about the potential of this exciting medium while interacting with the content in a casual setting.

Impact: The objective of convincing media buyers & Brand advocates to build marketing & promotions plans while considering the many exciting options offered by these interactive technologies was largely achieved.


MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor at “Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards 2012”

MotionMagix Interactive Floor at “Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards 2012″

MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor at “Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards 2012”


At the annual Kids Choice Awards party, Kids enjoyed multiple Nickelodeon branded interactive floor games.

Using our MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor, our US Partner created an engaging experience for children at the annual Kids Choice Awards party 2012. Kids interacted with multiple Nickelodeon branded floor games like football, scatter balls, running behind their favorite Nickelodeon icons and more..

TouchMagix at “American Idol” through The Concept Studio


TouchMagix at “American Idol” through The Concept Studio

Engaging and incentivizing the audience at American Idol grand finale afterparty.

Client: AT&T at American Idol

Industry: Telecom Service Provider

Objective: Engage and Incentivize Audience at American Idol Grand Finale After Party

Product: MotionMagix Interactive Wall

Installation Type: Single Overhead Projection on a 103″ LED Screen

Brief: American Idol, United States most watched Television Show, concluded its 10th season in May 2011. A grand party was organized for participants, sponsors and select invitees after the results were announced. The After Party organized on a huge 20,000 sq. feet terrace had the best of decor, cuisine and music. TouchMagix was involved in creating exciting moments for the audience at the party. Our MotionMagix Wall was installed with a giant 103″ LED Screen. We devised an interactive game for AT&T and Motorola, to showcase their latest Motorola Atrix handset. The users would start a game, in which logos of AT&T, American Idol and Motorola had to be collected in a Motorola Atrix Handset. The handset would move sideways as the user moved left or right. The scoreboard on the top of the screen would pick and compare the points collected with the previous game.

Impact: The Interactive Wall was one of the products on display at the American Idol. Using an array of our interactive products, we managed to retain and invite a great footfall for the event during party hours, promoting the sponsors and their message.


Star Plus new Ruby Star logo campaign


Star Plus new Ruby Star logo campaign

Entertainment channel, STAR Plus on completion of a decade launched a new logo and used interactive technology to inform and engage audience.

General entertainment channel, STAR Plus recently completed a decade of entertaining, and announced its revamped logo and look on the occasion. The new logo is a ‘Ruby Star’; while the channel’s renewed exuberance is reflected in its communication approach, ‘Rishta wahi, Soch nayi’.

To involve, inform and engage the audience with this transformation, the channel undertook a multimedia communication campaign. Outdoor, print and other media were complemented by an interactive audience experience, created by out-of-home agency, Aaren Initiative (AI) using TouchMagix’ technology.

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