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Creating Epic with Technology. Literally!


Creating Epic with Technology. Literally!


Introduce a TV channel with fun themed quizzes for the launch party.

Client: EPIC TV Channel

Industry: Television and Media

Objective: To introduce the faith based TV channel with fun themed quizzes on its launch party.

Product: TouchMagix MagixTouch Overlay


EPIC Television Network Pvt. Ltd recently launched a genre specific Hindi entertainment channel. The channel programming is around Indian mythology and folklore in a uniquely contemporary format.
Their requirement was very specific – how do you create a simple but fun activity for the launch party! We suggested going Multi-Touch. Content on Multi-Touch has many advantages for an occasion like this. Even simple content ideas are brought to life in a seamless and highly attractive manner. The interaction becomes smooth, controlled and the results are instant. Additionally integration with social media, wherein score or achievements can be posted to further social mileage.
For this event, TouchMagix installed two 65” MagixTouch Overlays on LED screens provided by them. One 42” MagixTouch overlay where a quiz game we had created with questions from the Epic Mahabharata was run. This was a specially branded quiz game created to introduce the new series Dharmakshetra.
As a celebrated launch the event was attended by many from the Bollywood and Indian Television fraternity.

Impact: Increased engagement for the launch event with branded and gamified content with social media connect and measurability.

Microsoft raises the bar


Microsoft raises the bar


For launch of the Xbox One gaming console in India, Microsoft used Interactive bar to give visitors a unique interactive experience at this high end launch.

Client: Microsoft

Industry: Gaming

Objective: To give visitors a unique interactive experience at a high end launch

Product: MotionMagix™ Interactive Bar

Brief: Microsoft launched the Xbox One gaming console in India in a sparkling celebration in Mumbai much to the delight of thousands of gaming fans. Gaming in India is growing at an unprecedented pace with gaming fans always on the lookout for entertainment experiences. Xbox One is positioned as one such destination where amazing experiences will always be in store for the users. The launch party of the Xbox One was a glittering event held at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel and saw spectacular music and dance performances. Just like everything else in this event, the bar too was nothing but extraordinary. Microsoft decided to use the cutting edge interactive technology of TouchMagix to provide their guests with a unique experience by installing a 16 feet long MotionMagix™ Interactive Bar to create a great ambient experience. This was the only functional bar in the event and blended effortlessly with the futuristic technology of the product itself. The intelligent tracking system of the bar detected any object touching the surface and used this input to interact with the movement on the bar counter. When the Xbox logo was displayed on the bar and tracking system in the bar identified the movements on the table and would make the logos glow and then scatter into multiple logos across the table. This interactive bar mesmerized the visitors and gave them a very unique way to engage with the brand.

Impact: The MotionMagix™ Interactive Bar created a futuristic user experience which blended with the marketing theme of a high end product

Max Steel: Of Teenage Superheroes, Aliens and Interactive Floors

Max Steel Of Teenage Superheroes, Aliens and Interactive Floors

Max Steel: Of Teenage Superheroes, Aliens and Interactive Floors

Mattel Toys used a highly appreciated futuristic theme and similarly futuristic ambiance at the launch venue.

Client: Mattel Toys

Industry: Media & Entertainment, Kids

Objective: To create an ambiance in line with the futuristic premise of the brand being launched.

Product: MotionMagix Interactive Floor

Brief: India is now ready to face down the might of the super villains from across the galaxy with the advent of Maxwell McGrath and his alien partner Steel to our shores. Mattel unleashed the TURBO energy of their blockbuster worldwide property the teenage superhero Max Steel in a grand event at a luxury hotel in Mumbai to great fanfare. Another youth icon with a cult following,Virat Kohli, was the guest of honour at the event and he launched the range of Max Steel toys, a music video and an animated series as he showed off his best super villain busting moves to an appreciative young audience. The event was also made memorable by a MotionMagix Interactive Floor that was deployed at the venue. Kids big and small hopped, skipped and jumped in their own Max Steel inspired fashion to interact with the heroes, villains and other characters that appeared on the floor – you could say they jumped with both feet into the story of their new favourite teen sensation.

Impact: A futuristic theme needed a similarly futuristic ambiance at the launch venue and this was amply achieved.