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And the writing on the wall,’Happily Ever After’!


And the writing on the wall,’Happily Ever After’!

Making 25th wedding anniversary memorable by showing guests best-wishes SMSes on the big screen.

Client: Wedding party,Dubai

Industry: Event and Media

Objective: Making 25th wedding anniversary memorable.

Product: MagixFone


It was their 25th wedding anniversary and for their silver Jubilee, the hosts wanted something that makes the business of sending best wishes as elegant as it can be!
TouchMagix MagixFone was the perfect solution for this event. The seamlessness of MagixFone, which doesn’t ask you to anything more than just send a message through your phone the usual way made it a joy to interact with. The easy setup of MagixFone installation easy. The guests could send Anniversary wishes as phone texts to the couple and they were projected live on a big screen using a projector.
The UI for the message wall was specially designed for the occasion and reflected the theme and décor of the event.
Guests and couple both loved the concept and event was hugely successful. More than 200 people attended the party and an even larger number of messages were shown on the wall.

Impact: The event became more alive when guests could see their best-wishes SMSes on the big screen

Making kid’s birthday parties a fun-filled success!

Making kid’s birthday parties a fun-filled success!

Making kid’s birthday parties a fun-filled success!


An easy way to get kids engaged & physically active in a controlled environment.

Client: Party

Industry: Kids

Objective: Giving unique gaming experience at kid’s party.

Product: MotionMagixTM Interactive wall

Brief:A 10 year olds birthday is a big deal! And to match the inexhaustible energy levels of those between the age groups of 8-14 and give them the best fun filled moments of the day, MotionMagixTM Interactive wall is the ideal match for any such birthday parties. MotionMagixTM Interactive wall for birthday parties is a complete solution offered by TouchMagix and through its partners throughout the world.
The entire MotionMagixTM hardware/software bundle along with 5-10 games is available for per day rentals for birthday parties. The speed of installation and the total physical fun filled and unique experience it offers kids ensures you can execute the best possible experience for a birthday party.
We provided this client of ours with a set of games including Ice Cream Catch game, Car Race, Table Tennis, Balloons, Coconut Catch and Basketball. These are some of the most loved games by the age group between 8-14.
And just to show much the kids loved it, we saw total number of kids who played on the 8 X 10 projected interactive wall to be around more than 100 in a brief 2 hour period.

Impact: Kids loved playing games like ice cream catch, car race on interactive wall!