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Experience Your New Home on Multi Touch


Experience Your New Home on Multi Touch

Visitors appreciated 3D view of the new property by Kolte Patil at a property expo in Pune.

Client: Kolte Patil Builders, Pune

Industry: Real Estate

Objective: Showcasing company information and project videos on multi touch kiosk.

Product: MagixKiosk™

Brief: Credai is an exhibition dedicated to promoting the Real estate sector and the most distinguished Real estate companies. It sees participation from all the major players in the real estate industry. Every participating company tries to do something unique to attract prospective buyers to their stall and stand out from amongst all the other players.

We helped one of the biggest Real Estate companies in the region to differentiate itself and create a breathtaking experience for its visitors. Our client Kolte Patil Builders used MagixKiosk to showcase videos of their newest properties. MagixKiosk being a multi-touch device has an advantage of letting potential visitors experience property videos with significantly more detail and clarity.

Multi touch kiosks were placed at two separate locations in the exhibition. Guests could experience 3D view of their latest projects and control it from every angle. Kolte Patil Builders also showed the previous projects on MagixKiosk. Our software allowed them to catalog all their projects in a way that the discovery becomes enjoyable for the visitors, most of whom spent many minutes at the Kolte Patil stall.

Guests really appreciated interacting with the highly immersive content on the multi-touch kiosk. Visitors thronged both the exhibition and our client’s stall.

Impact: Number of bookings for homes was significantly higher with the use of MagixKiosk.