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An Interactive Display With Drive for Skoda

An Interactive Display With Drive for Skoda

An Interactive Display With Drive for Skoda

The MagixFone™ enabled a wide participation while educating Mumbaikars in fun and entertaining ways.

Client: Skoda Automobiles

Industry: Automobile

Objective: To give a completely new and memorable dimension to the re-launch of a well-known luxury brand

Product: Multi-Touch MagixKiosk™

Brief: Automobile brands lead the way when it comes to the use of new techniques and technologies to create a differentiated experience for their customers and this starts at the time of the launch itself – or in this case the re-launch. The Skoda Octavia is a familiar name for luxury car fans in India and when the latest variant was released in India to the media, the channel and partners the event had to be spectacular. A tool Skoda leveraged heavily was a 3D Visualizer that allowed visitors to get a complete experience of the car – everything except actually driving it that is! Multi-Touch MagixKiosk™ with specially designed content allowed visitors to view different variants and colours of the newly launched variant with a touch or a swipe. The inner state was maintained consistent with the model chosen as the visitors viewed the interiors of the car. Once virtually inside they could open doors and windows and also the boot, retract mirrors, adjust handles, open the glove box, turn on and switch off the lights and see the seats as they actually would be. The interactivity brought the 3-D effects to life, a new dimension as it were, while allowing the visitors to get a truly up-close and personal feel of the car.

Impact: Visitors were left dazzled with the new car as well as with this completely unique way of allowing each of them to experience it at their own pace.