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Posing with the finest rides in town!


Posing with the finest rides in town!

At Saudi International Motor Show, our client Nissan used Augmented Reality to gain best possible exposure and engagement from the visitors.


Industry: Consumer and Retail, Automobile

Objective: To Gain best possible exposure and engagement from the visitors at their stands in the Jeddah Motor Show

Product: Augmented Reality

Brief:Saudi International Motor Show is the region’s largest and longest established automotive event consistently providing the automotive industry with a unique and unrivalled direct marketing opportunity.
Nissan, never to be a step behind the latest style briefed our partner agency to develop an experiential solution geared towards the young sports car enthusiasts and visitors at the motor show.
Linking the activity to social media (Facebook) was another key requirement.
Majority of the visitors to Jeddah Motor show are sports car enthusiasts and almost all of them love to take pictures / Selfies with such cars and share them on social media. We gave them something they could never forget!
We developed an interactive solution to let the visitors choose from a selection of cars (virtual) to take pictures with. Cars that aren’t even there at the event. Select the car of your choice, pose with it and then click a picture with it. The pictures could then even be edited in an instagram like fashion. This meant getting the coolest clicks from the motor show!
The visitor could then share the photos directly on Facebook or take a colour photo print as bragging point to their friends.

Impact: More people clicked their pictures and shared on Facebook from the Nissan stall than any other in the show because of the customisability and quality of pictures.

MagixFone™ at One Lounge, Pune

MagixFone at One Lounge, Pune

MagixFone™ at One Lounge, Pune

MagixFone™: A local social network was created displaying messages from the audience.

Client: One Lounge

Industry: Lounge/Club

Objective: Engage audience in an interactive display to gather feedback

Product: MagixFone™

Brief: One lounge is one of the premium clubs in Pune with a great visitor list. They organize exclusive events at their facility which are followed by audiences looking for a variety in music, cuisine, ambience and event management. One such occasion was to be graced by World’s number 8 DJ popular amongst club goers. One Lounge expected us to build an interactive solution considering the young footfall targeted. Due to constraint of space, they wanted to keep the solution small yet noticeable. Using our MagixFone, we create a local social network displaying the One Lounge Branding. Users saw a number displayed on the screen, where they were to send SMS using their regular phone to be displayed. Within 1 hour of introduction of this new concept amongst party goers, we had displayed around 100+ messages. As the party went in a full swing, the MagixFone displayed messages in praise of the DJ, his music, the ambience and the event being managed. People posted their message in favor of the next song they would like to hear, working as a cue for the DJ to conclude the party, the party goers way.

Impact: At the end of the party, the MagixFone had displayed 400+ messages creating a unique local social network, without violating sentiments or ethics.