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Multi-touch for the Sony PS Vita

Multitouch for the Sony PS Vita

Multi-touch for the Sony PS Vita


The MagixTouch™ Multi-touch was the perfect option for Sony given the uniqueness of PSP Vita to gamers.

Client: Sony PS Vita

Industry: Technology, Entertainment, Event, Exhibition, Mall

Objective: To showcase the unique multi-touch capabilities of the PSP Vita to gamers.

Product: MagixTouch Multi-touch

Brief: One of the innovative features of the PS Vita from Sony is a Multi-touch screen & a Multi-touch rear touch pad. In a “road-show” kind of environment, Sony chose a MagixTouch Multi-touch with original game content to showcase the full scope of the experience provided by the multi-touch features on a large scale model of Sony PS. The MagixTouch offered a touch-based interaction for the users where they could &get a sense of the unique game play & the sheer enjoyment that an actual Sony PS VITA can provide.

Impact: The MagixTouch Multi-touch was an obvious large-format display option for Sony given the uniqueness of the multi-touch capabilities they wanted to display.