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Finding your way is way more fun


Finding your way is way more fun

The interactive display made way finding an engaging and informative exercise at Infocomm 2014.

Client: InfoComm

Objective: To provide a unique way finding solution at a high profile AV event

Product: MagixKiosk™

Brief:When an AV event is as high profile and technology driven as the InfoComm 2014, it is a given that the displays and the way finding solutions have to be equally spectacular. InfoComm chose TouchMagix as their official interactive screen partner to make sure that the visitors get an exceptional experience when they search for the event information. TouchMagix provided 4 interactive MagixKiosks™ which had 32 inch display screens to provide way finding solutions to the visitors. 3 of these MagixKiosks™ were located near the reception and registration area and one was placed outside the seminar hall. The main function of these kiosks was to provide required directions to the visitors. Our way finding solution was, however, far more comprehensive. The kiosks not only fulfilled the primary role of providing directions to the stalls but would also throw up additional information regarding the company and its products as well. People could also get all the information they needed on the seminars apart from providing the directions to the seminar halls, the kiosk also provided bios of the speakers as well making these kiosk more of information centres.
The visitors made full use of these kiosks and we witnessed a large number of people queueing up to operate it and gather information. These information kiosks were a phenomenal success and saw a great appreciation not only from the visitors but the InfoComm officials as well.

Impact: The interactive display made way finding an engaging as well as informative exercise.