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And the writing on the wall,’Happily Ever After’!


And the writing on the wall,’Happily Ever After’!

Making 25th wedding anniversary memorable by showing guests best-wishes SMSes on the big screen.

Client: Wedding party,Dubai

Industry: Event and Media

Objective: Making 25th wedding anniversary memorable.

Product: MagixFone


It was their 25th wedding anniversary and for their silver Jubilee, the hosts wanted something that makes the business of sending best wishes as elegant as it can be!
TouchMagix MagixFone was the perfect solution for this event. The seamlessness of MagixFone, which doesn’t ask you to anything more than just send a message through your phone the usual way made it a joy to interact with. The easy setup of MagixFone installation easy. The guests could send Anniversary wishes as phone texts to the couple and they were projected live on a big screen using a projector.
The UI for the message wall was specially designed for the occasion and reflected the theme and décor of the event.
Guests and couple both loved the concept and event was hugely successful. More than 200 people attended the party and an even larger number of messages were shown on the wall.

Impact: The event became more alive when guests could see their best-wishes SMSes on the big screen