TATA Motors: Promoting EX2 Truck using Interactive Technology

Tata Motors promoted the new EX2 Truck using MotionMagix™ technology and recieved never before results.

Client: Tata Motors

Industry: Automobile

Objective: Promote EX2 Truck across multiple cities in India

Product: MotionMagix WALL

Installation Type: Single Overhead Projection on Wall

Brief: Tata Motors is a leading manufacturer of road transport vehicles exporting their automobiles globally. Their newest offering the EX2 from the mini-truck segment was targeted at SME businesses for carrying goods within and inter-city. The challenge was to educate benefits of the truck to the drivers. Tata Motors wanted to move away from the traditional ways of printing brochures, arranging demonstration, offering test rides. Along with the Event Agency QED Communication Agency, we designed an interactive application to engage the target audience into an educative experience. The MotionMagix Interactive Wall was mounted inside a custom built EX2 and the application was Catch Objects using body movements. The drivers needed to collect points by catching the correct features of the EX2 in this Catch Game. Through this interactive game, the drivers, their owners and fleet managers, not only got educated about the loaded features of the EX2 but also became a talk of town at 85 selected cities across 21 states in India.

Impact: Tata Motors effectively promoted the new EX2 Truck using TouchMagix Technology. They got on the spot bookings for purchase across multiple cities in India.


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