TATA Motors Using Interactivity and Gamification to Drive Up Product Awareness

Tata Motors used MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall to convey information about a serious product in a fun way.

Client: Tata Motors

Industry: Automobile

Objective: To use Interactivity and Gamification to drive up product awareness

Product: MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall

Brief: Among the bigger challenges that brand activation agencies face is launching a product that is intended for consumption by an audience that may be less educated or otherwise less inclined to participate in the traditional brand building avenues. A classic case in point is Trucks within the larger Automobiles category. The buyers are extremely knowledgeable about the products, features and benefits but their media consumption patterns are dictated by their education levels, preference for local languages, semi-urban or rural location and so on. Tata Motors addressed this challenge in an extremely innovative manner through the use of Interactivity and Games. Trucks equipped with the MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall and bright LED displays were dispatched nationwide to go where the target customers were – in the smaller towns and villages. In a colourful and carnival like atmosphere information about the new product and its features was disseminated among the visitors. They were then invited to play a game – drive their truck across a road while avoiding obstacles and pit-falls that a lesser truck would have succumbed to. A special effort was made to use local languages and symbols in an attempt to engage the drivers in their own vernacular. The games were designed to give the players a sense of the capabilities of the truck while engaging and entertaining them and the audience reaction would suggest that the purpose was more than achieved.

Impact: A fun way was used to convey information about a more serious product category while allowing for the specific characteristics and awareness of the target audience.



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