The Big Task of Engaging The Little Ones

9 Interactive Engagement Game Packs designed to be a mix of fun and education for kids.

Objective: To attract, inform and engage Kids

Products: MotionMagix™ Interactive Wall, MotionMagix™ Interactive Floor

Brief: It has been said that child is the father of man but ask anyone tasked with the job of entertaining children and you will hear that doing so if the mother of all battles. The brunt of this responsibility falls to the schools, crèches, day cares and game centers. TouchMagix™ has for long been the innovative leader in the field of Interactive solutions that successfully capture the imagination of kids of various age groups. We have now distilled our experiences in this space and put together 9 Interactive Engagement Game Packs. These comprise 4 packs for Wall and 5 packs for Floor Games. The games have been specifically chosen to be fun and engaging, promote physical exercise and develop team work. The games are also specifically designed for deployment in smaller or more constrained spaces. Single Player or Multi-Player options are available. The Multi-Player games have been found to drive coordinated activity and collaboration among the players along with obviously having the benefit of keeping multiple kids engaged at the same time. The games have found a place in many schools, crèches, day care centers, games and fitness areas and establishments, community centers and the like.

Impact: Interactive games have long been known to be one of the more effective ways to engage kids and promote a variety of good habits and personal and social behaviour. These games reflect some of the most popular content we have delivered in the past in this line.

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