The Fast and Furious!

Nissan sponsored the Ha’il International Rally as its ‘official car’ partner using Augmented Reality to gain best possible exposure and engagement from the visitors.

Client: Nissan KSA/ Phenomena Communications

Industry: Consumer and Retail, Automobile

Objective: To gain best possible exposure and engagement from the visitors at the Ha’il Nissan International Rally

Product: Augmented Reality

Brief: As part of its ongoing Revival Plan in KSA, Nissan sponsored the Ha’il International Rally as its ‘official car’ partner. The rally is one of the oldest and biggest motorsport events in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) targeting youth and families. The prestigious sporting occasion takes place parallel to the Ha’il Festival, which is a cultural awareness and entertainment themed celebration in which the 15 (KSA) authorities hold their own engaging activities for the public. The event was a good opportunity for unique and unrivalled direct marketing opportunity.
Nissan, always in tune with what’s trending, briefed our partner agency, Phenomena Communications to develop an experiential solution geared towards the young sports car enthusiasts and visitors at the rally. Linking the activity to social media (Twitter) was a crucial necessity.
Considering that most of them love to take pictures with such high performance rally cars and share them on social media, we gave them something unforgettable!
We developed an interactive solution to let the visitors choose from a selection of cars (visuals) to take pictures with four different expressions – happy, excited, funny and serious. The visitors loved the simplicity of the use of the application:
• Select the car of your choice
• Pose with it
• Click pictures with the expression of your choice.
• Edit them in an Instagram fashion.
• The visitor could then share the photos directly on Twitter or take a color photo print, to carry back home a memento of an awesome experience

Impact: The Nissan exclusive booth at the event, witnessed amazing footfall, for users to access the amazing app which quickly became a word of mouth.

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