The Interactive Way to Experience Your Home Before Buying It

MagixTable™ provides a highly interactive and visually appealing way for prospective buyers to experience.

Client: A Premium Real Estate Brand

Industry: Real Estate

Objective: Providing a highly interactive and visually appealing way to prospective buyers to experience the details of this luxury realty project.

Product: MagixTable™

Brief: Real Estate is one of those spaces where extreme competition drives developers to come up with more and more innovative ways of positioning their projects. The challenge they then face is how to convey the features they are leading the projects with to prospective customers given that the projects probably exist only on the drawing board at that stage. On the launch of a luxury real estate project a premium developer in Western India, addressed this problem through an innovative combination of Interactive Technology and visually stunning content. The location and features were clearly targeted towards the higher end of the market and great care had to be taken to ensure that the entire customer experience was similarly focused. With this in mind this they deployed multiple MagixTable’s at the project site. Prospective customers who visited the site were able to browse through information on the projects, view some of the innovative features and amenities provided, explore floor plans and compare details of importance to them. This gave them a way to engage with the project, virtually touch and feel it in a manner of speaking, before making the decision to buy. An interactive way was found to bring the details of the project to life for an elite clientele looking to make this luxury development their home.

Impact: An experience in keeping with the luxury image of the project was being conveyed while still providing all the essential information sought by the prospective buyer

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