The Walls at Tata Housing Tell a Story

Tata Housing impresses the visitors to their office using a differentiated approach to present corporate and project information.

Client: Tata Housing

Industry: Real Estate

Objective: To use a differentiated approach to presenting corporate and project information.

Product: MotionMagix Interactive Wall

Brief: Tata Housing is among the fastest growing real estate companies in India. Their focus is on higher end, highly differentiated projects aimed at discerning buyers. The promotional materials and approaches they adopt have to adhere to the sensibilities of this audience. In a customer experience centre that is coming up at their corporate office in the heart of New Delhi is a prime example of this approach. A MotionMagix Interactive Wall is deployed with visually appealing content from the corporate brochure and one of their upcoming projects in the hills of Himachal Pradesh. The effect is dazzling and the interactive possibilities magnify the impact. Visitors can get the information they want and at the same time cannot escape the conclusion that this is a real estate developer with a difference. In a crowded space with a lot of established players vying for the attentions of the premium buyer this goes a long way in creating a stamp of Tata Housing’s image in their minds.

Impact: The prime need is for Tata Housing to impress upon the visitors to their office a perception of themselves as a company that stands apart from the competition – an effect that the Customer Experience Center goes a long way to support.


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