The Way to Impress the Industrial Consumer is Also Interactive



MagixTable™ provides a highly interactive and visually appealing way for prospective buyers to experience.

Client: Praj Industries

Industry: Industrial

Objective:  To create a customer experience center with impact for a sector used to more traditional means of disseminating product information.

Product: Multi-Touch MagixKiosk™

Brief:    Being the leader in the chemical and processing industrial equipment brings with it some unique challenges. The expectation is to be always innovative not only in their products and solutions but also in the way they get this information out to their many customers – a significant problem considering the highly technical and somewhat “dry” nature of the content. Praj Industries sought to address this problem through the development of an innovative customer experience center in their head office. The center makes effective use of the MagixKiosk™ to showcase information on the product, technologies and solutions that make up Praj’s portfolio. There is an especially interesting usage of 3D Models and walkthroughs to give an interesting visual perspective into the products. The interactive capabilities of the MagixKiosk™ played a critical role in this effort giving visitors the capability to explore the product information and content in a never before seen  manner in this sector and thus guaranteeing the memorability of the experience.

Impact:  The innovative use of the interactive technologies to showcase the product information in a sector like chemical and processing equipment successfully supported the view of Praj as an innovative leader.

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