TouchMagix Releases the 3rd Generation of it’s Advanced MotionMagix Technology


After numerous installations worldwide, TouchMagix takes a leading role in making Gesture based application creation accessible to everyone! With the new features of MotionMagix™ 3.0, setting up an interactive floor, interactive wall or window becomes a 3 minutes task. No previous knowledge or skills are required!

The new interactive client application is accompanied by free downloadable licenses of our creative suite and SDK, in addition to tons of templates and effects – free to try !

Check out the following video to get a sneak preview of how the new MotionMagix™ 3.0 looks like:

The New MotionMagix™ 3.0 also includes the following enhancements:

  1. A completely automated user interface for system setup and calibration optimizes the performance of the system in every installation environment
  2. A Real-time sensitivity calibration mechanism enables fine precision during calibration
  3. Remote projector scheduling – makes sure that your projector will be turned On and Off automatically whenever needed, irrespective of your presence
  4. Enhanced remote application scheduler (to set exact broadcasting periods and select the right content for the right time)
  5. Optimized CPU resource consumption by our software leaves 90% of the CPU power for running your content
  6. New detection algorithms to differentiate between Wall and Floor modes offers more accurate detection and faster response
  7. Multi projector and multi sensor support. Customers can now link up to 4 projectors and 4 sensors on one computer, creating larger projection areas with a single license and application
  8. Integrated Web Analytics generates statistical reports on user behavior and helps measuring exact ROI to customers
  9. New creative suite allows off line content customization, preview and activation

Please make sure to regularly check-out our new templates on-line and download them for your own use with our free creative suite.

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