Transforming boardroom conferences!

Remodeling conventional boardroom meetings structure by introducing inetractivity.

Client: Bharat Forge, Pune

Industry: Engineering

Objective: To make boardroom conferences and meetings interactive.

Product: MagixTouch™ Overlay / Collaboration software

Brief: One of a leading Indian multinational, Bharat Forge is a technology driven global leader in metal forming, having a transcontinental presence across eight manufacturing locations, serving several sectors including automotive, power, oil and gas, construction & mining, locomotive, marine and aerospace.
For making regular boardroom conferences and meetings interactive and elaborative, they have installed MagixTouch™ Overlay along with Collaboration software. To assist this, TouchMagix installed an 85” MagixTouch Overlay on a LED screen provided by them.

Impact: Increased engagement and interactivity with elaborate comprehensions at the boardroom conferences and meetings.

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