Vodafone Provides Fun & Memorable Experience for Young Visitors to the Exhibit

Visitors were floored by this display of interactivity.

Client: Vodafone – Mumbai

Industry: Exhibition, Telecom, Kids Games

Objective: To provide a fun & memorable experience for the young visitors to the exhibit

Product: MotionMagix Interactive Floor

Brief: Visitors to a recent Vodafone Mumbai event were in for a melodious treat. A unique 2 camera blended projection of piano keys on the MotionMagix Interactive Floor invited the musically inclined to try to make music as they tapped out the keys on the floor. The resultant sound was corrected & tuned for better effect & the melody was piped to the entire exhibition floor in a manner reminiscent of a live pianist at work.

Impact: Visitors were able to not only interact with the exhibit but also to see other visitors react to the music created by them.


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